We’re going to appeal the JR ruling

The fight continues! As you know, the chair of AVAI recently took BMDC to judicial review to contest the planning permission for the incinerator.
Sorry to say that, on this occasion, the judge found in the council’s favour, although he did state that he had some sympathy for our case.

Needless to say, we are not going to simply roll over and accept this! So after taking further legal advice, the wheels have been set in motion to apply for permission to appeal on the ground of harm to the National Trust owned Grade I listed East Riddlesden Hall. We will let you know the outcome and whether permission to appeal has been granted as soon as we can.

Whatever the outcome of the appeal, there is also the matter of contesting the environmental permit application which Endless Energy have to make to the Environment Agency before they can run the incinerator. We are already hard at work preparing for this and to demonstrate that the harmful air emissions are unacceptable to our communities and the sensitive natural environment around us.

We can’t wait to meet up with friends and supporters old and new at our events throughout the coming months. As well as continuing to fund raise, there will be plenty of chances to raise our placards and voices as once again we say it loud and we say it clear “Toxic Aire’s not welcome here!”

Thanks for your continued support!