Why we’re against the Marley Incinerator

The waste incinerator is planned for a wedge of land in the foot of the Aire Valley, at Marley near Keighley, West Yorkshire.
The planned incinerator will be located immediately next door to a nursery school and in close proximity to many houses – in fact there are many thousands of houses within a one mile radius… As well as the Grade 1 listed heritage buildings at East Riddlesden Hall.
Due to the regular weather inversions, this location goes against the advice of the World Health Organisation due to the risks posed to health by the pollution being trapped within the valley..

Map showing the proposed waste incinerator location in red
Map showing the proposed waste incinerator location in red

Incinerators are NOT green!
The developers used ‘experts’ to ‘hide’ this scheme from the people who will be expected to live with the consequences. It has been called a ‘Clean Energy Complex’ but this is just another name for an incinerator.
Environmentally, incineration of waste is the the worst method of disposal:

  • The Carbon Dioxide (Co2) emissions (which contributes to global warming) from waste incineration are HIGHER than from burning coal or gas
  • Waste incineration is proven to diminish the drive to recycle
  • The Nitrogen Oxide (Nox) emitted causes ‘acid rain’
  • The ultra fine PM2.5 & PM10 particulates that are emitted are proven to be hazardous to health as they are so fine they pass through the lungs and into the bloodstream. This is linked to all kinds of health problems such as birth defects and increase health risks (and even premature death) for those with respiratory and heart problems
  • Permanently destroys materials that have been produced from natural resources that can never be recreated and could be recycled
  • At a time when we are already seeing illegally high levels of air pollution in many areas of the UK, we should not be allowing any additional activities which will increase pollution levels.

Visual impact
At a height of eight double Decker buses, the length of a football field and a 35 metre chimney stack, it will dominate the landscape.
Thus, it will be ugly, out of proportion and out of keeping with the current low rise buildings & rural approach to Keighley.
It will have a negative impact on the local heritage site of East Riddlesden Hall.An artists representation of the waste incinerator

An artists representation of how the waste incinerator will spoil the visual amenity for local residents