What you can do right now!

There have been many posts asking or suggesting what can be done next.
Here’s the list of the most effective things that we feel that you can do at this point in time:

Formally object to the EA via their consultation process:
Download our objection guidance document:
Contact our MP Robbie Moore who wants to hear your concerns and is working directly with the EA and AVAI:
Donate. We are considering legal and other actions that will cost serious amounts of money:
Spread the word about the campaign, share our posts via every channel you have available. The most concise information about the campaign is on our website:

Thanks for your support

Fundraising commences for potential challenge of the Environment Agency

Aire Valley Against Incineration needs to raise funds for a possible legal challenge  with the Environment Agency following  their draft decision to grant the Incinerator its Environmental (operating) Permit as we believe there were some significant flaws in its decision-making process.

AVAI are fundamentally opposed to the building of an incinerator into the heart of our Aire Valley.
Our reasons to fight:
* The council have decided to approve the plans for a huge incinerator that will be burning industrial and commercial waste collected from anywhere.
* We want to save schools, nurseries, recreational grounds and care homes from the harmful emissions this plant will emit
* We want to prevent the constant disturbance created by HGVs, as well as sound, odour and light pollution from a plant running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
* We want to safeguard the health of our communities now and for future generations
* We want to encourage our local government to look at other options of waste management that have a lesser impact on the environment
* We want to protect our Heritage asset; East Riddlesden Hall and local site of Special Scientific Interest; Rombalds Moor from harm

Donate here

Reviewing the draft approval

Aire Valley Against Incineration is currently working hard to identify the discrepancies in the draft permit and outline the areas where the Environment Agency have failed in their due diligence. But it will take a little time. We are also continuing our external discussions with our MP who is supporting us on this matter as well as finalising other things we can do to challenge this draft decision.
We will keep you updated.

EA announce ‘Minded to grant permit’ for Marley incinerator

We have just been informed that the Environment Agency has issued a draft decision to approve the Environmental Permit application for the Endless Energy Incinerator in Keighley.
We now have until the 16 July 2020 to comment through an additional consultation period.
Whilst this is a clearly a big blow, there is still a lot to fight for.Please remember that the submission to the Environment Agency for a permit differed in certain aspects from the planning permission granted by Bradford Metropolitan District Council in 2017.
Now that we can see the draft permit, we will look at this carefully, and any other variations, and raise these with BMDC as necessary.
WHAT WE NEED YOU TO DO: Please can you check to see if the questions or concerns that you raised in your consultation comments have been addressed by the EA in their response. If it was not satisfactorily answered please can you comment back accordingly.
Stay positive and let’s continue the fight!

Thank you from the AVAI Team

The draft decision can be found here: