Fundraising commences for potential challenge of the Environment Agency

Aire Valley Against Incineration needs to raise funds for a possible legal challenge  with the Environment Agency following  their draft decision to grant the Incinerator its Environmental (operating) Permit as we believe there were some significant flaws in its decision-making process.

AVAI are fundamentally opposed to the building of an incinerator into the heart of our Aire Valley.
Our reasons to fight:
* The council have decided to approve the plans for a huge incinerator that will be burning industrial and commercial waste collected from anywhere.
* We want to save schools, nurseries, recreational grounds and care homes from the harmful emissions this plant will emit
* We want to prevent the constant disturbance created by HGVs, as well as sound, odour and light pollution from a plant running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
* We want to safeguard the health of our communities now and for future generations
* We want to encourage our local government to look at other options of waste management that have a lesser impact on the environment
* We want to protect our Heritage asset; East Riddlesden Hall and local site of Special Scientific Interest; Rombalds Moor from harm

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